THE ADIGUN OGUNSANWO™ COMIC STRIPS. Featuring: The Inner Space Adventure. This chronicles the AO military unit’s mission to save a the life of and religious and political statesman. Presented here in comic strip format .

ADIGUN Title 005



THE ADIGUN OGUNSANWO™ ANIMATION. Featuring here clips, concept tests, and eventually episodic shorts of these soldiers of A.F.R.I.C.A. and this alternate earth where they reside.

THE ADIGUN OGUNSANWO™ MOTION COMICS. Revealing the origins of the Adigun Ogunsanwo™. Captain Nomble Chiamara, Sergeant Akil Tumaini, the transforming android O.S.E.I. and the isomorphic algorithm named Bahati.



THE ADIGUN OGUNSANWO™ COMIC BOOK #1. Begins where the AO Motion Comics left off. Captain Chiamara, Sergeant Tumaini and their unit investigates the meteorite that fell to earth near the continental  Island of Madagascar. Additional backstory titled “The Politics of Faith.”