AYELE NUBIAN WARRIOR™ COMIC STRIPS.  Features Ayele as a member of a maritime crew on board the Kushite ship named “Seker.” Captain Khuti recruits him in to assist in the retrieval of a stolen “Ka Stone”. Presented here in comic strip format.



AYELE NUBIAN WARRIOR™ ANIMATION. Clips, animation test, conceptual motion graphics and eventually episodic shorts of the warrior and his exploits throughout the Land of Nubia

AYELE NUBIAN WARRIOR™ MOTION COMICS.  Beginning with a story titled “Mzungu,” chronicling the “Wolley” initiation rites of a young Ayele, then an adventure with a Stone Giant in the Nubian city-state of Mahoma. Motion comic perils continues with members of main members of the crew of the “Seker,” giving small slices of life for members living in the Land of Nubia.


AYELE NUBIAN WARRIOR™ #1 COMIC.  Essential read that introduces the three major power fractions that occupy the Land of Nubia.  Starting the final chapter in Sorcerer Giza Mganga rein, a uprising of the entire ethnic group of Mahoma by Rhama Fujo and the final wishes of mentoring Batodian Priest Babu Karume.  This saga takes place before Ayele’s experience aboard the maritime ship “Seker.”

MAP OF THE LAND OF NUBIA.  The Land of Nubia is a vast and wondrous world full of warriors, sorcerers, mythical creatures, prehistoric mammals and many different ethnic groups. Click on the icon below and explore this land and keep track of the many exploits of its inhabitants.


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