ABYSSINIA MEDIA GROUP® at the 2018 East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Tech-Freire Charter High School – Philadelphia, PA


ABYSSINIA MEDIA GROUP® wishes everyone a Good Day! This is a visual and multimedia blog presentation of my East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. The excursion to Philadelphia from Los Angeles was a very trying and tiring one. We arrived in Philadelphia on Friday rainy and cloudy morning that turned cooler by evening. Wanted to make the Glyph Comics Awards held at the convention site Tech-Freire Charter High School but health issues due to the cool weather made that a no show for the AMG crew. We were kind of expecting LATE Spring weather and it turned out to be EARLY spring weather.


But on that rainy May 19th Saturday morning it was on! We arrived there before 10 AM and we were assigned our tables, had a mix-up with Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella but got that worked out. I was just glad I got to say a few words to him even if it was out of a confused state (mine).


We set up in the main room, saw the positive and most of all creative forces that were out there as friends colleagues and competition. Shout out to Mishindo Kuumba I and his crew, shout out to N. Steven Harris, shout out to Jerome Wolford, shout out to Fari-Raqub & King VII, shout out to Roye Okupe and the YouNeek Studios crew, shout out to my brother from another mother and ECBACC organizer,  Akinseye Brown, shout out to ECBACC President Yumy Odom, most of all shout out to Glyph Award Winner Greg Anderson-Elyseé for is “Nana the Were-Spider.”

One of the great moments was a panel discussion between Dr. William H. Foster III, Don McGregor, and Tony Isabella. It was a great and informative discussion about the histories and editorial backlash at Marvel with writer McGregor and their BLACK PANTHER franchise as well as Tony Isabella’s challenges at DC comics with the BLACK LIGHTNING franchise.

The real highlight of the day was the Afri-Coz Play Contest featuring peeps in their favorite comic character costume. There were a lot of favorites and I tried to feature them in the gallery shown within this blog. They may also be seen on ABYSSINIA MEDIA GROUP® Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Not to mention at the actual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention website – http://ECBACC.COM. We had a wonderful full day but missed the group picture at the end because we were on a tight schedule.


The next day fortunately we were blessed to arrive at Reading Terminal Market after attending worship service to see the last remnants of the Black age of comic convention organizers breakfast. The ECBACC Breakfast event had ended but we arrived there just in time before the leadership stepped out the door. The pictures featured in the “AMG at the Philadelphia ECBACC 2018 Gallery” in this blog. Much love to all the organizers, much love to all my fellow retailers, most of all looking forward to attending the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention next year in May 2019.

Hello World! I finally journeyed to WordPress.

Welcome to Abyssinia Media Group® and MY WordPress Presentation. This is my first posting, writing, experimentation with this system that is allowing me to be creative on more levels than just pushing graphics. THIS site is a REBOOT from the first I started way back in 2013. Under construction as of this post but pushing forward the agenda I started back in the 1990s to give a more African centered comic medium entertainment. The pics below of my Soul and Sorcery tale AYELE NUBIAN WARRIOR™  and the alternate earth Science Fiction future of THE ADIGUN OGUNSANWO™ will soon be linked to their respective galleries, ongoing comic strips, motion comics and (pray for me) animated shorts.

It has been a journey, a struggle and a spiritual awakening for me while pursuing this dream despite REAL LIFE problems. Through the creator, our God I have been blessed with many skills and talents but is STILL learning the new. For my partner of a now shared 14 years my heart is strong with you in hopes to continue with your tough but unfaltering love. You help keep me on point, my vision and purpose clear. I love you.  I want to thank the Philadelphia crew from the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention whom always keep my spirits high. The online crew at the Black Science Fiction Society who are not only supportive but a melting pot full of talented, creative and forward thinking African centered individuals. Thanking the many artist friends who have kept me focused with just one or two”Hello’s”, chats and discussions via the net, the phone and sometimes in person if we get the opportunity to meet. But most of All I am thanking ALL my new friends and family congregants at my church home at First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles who welcomed this man with a broken spirit. Nurtured him with your love, kindness helping me to find and reboot my direction and purpose in this life by keeping it Real, keeping it Black and allowing me to grow, glow and shine. I love you ALL

Now for me to get to work….